Improve your Corporate Perfomance Management (CPM) with PepperflowImprove your Corporate Perfomance Management (CPM) with Pepperflow

Corporate Performance Management (CPM)

Plan, create, adjust and take action, all according to the PDCA-method.


Budget reports | Annual reports | Management reports | Strategic plans

In Pepperflow multiple people work together on an online digital document. Collaboration never was so easy. Every person can edit the same document at the same time:

  • Receive notifications if another person is working on the same document
  • Easy to see who did what and when. Changes are saved automatically! 
  • Automatically import/connect data from other systems
  • Workflows helps the report building process
  • Archive all contributions
  • Print the report automatically in your corporate identity template
  • Publish you report with one push to the internet
  • Use Pepperflow as a Real Time monitoring system

Isn’t it true that the aim of a strategic report is to define the organisational goals and objectives, including the activities and projects the organisation needs to do to achieve these goals. So to speak, each and every document contains four building blocks:


Documents and text

You can easily prepare reports digitally by writing, reading and commenting on texts together, online and simultaneously. In this way you arrive at a high-quality and digital end product.


Finance and graphs

You can integrate all your financial data into your reports automatically. With our cloud connection platform, we connect Pepperflow to all kind of (financial) applications.


Graphs and tables

Indicators and statistics from other systems (for example BI tools such as Cognos) are easy to integrate into your documents with the Pepperflow look and feel.


Goals and projects

Connect your vision to the execution! SMART goals will work better if they are integrated in your report. Using the PDCA-method, you create a clear workflow for your team. 

Reporting and monitoring

Collaborating on reports in Pepperflow means the end of turmoil while getting your reports ready. It is easy. No more exports from your financial and other applications, or moving around data from Excel to Word. No more waiting for the last person to contribute, followed by running to the board room with the latest version. Making reports will become easy!

However, making a report is not enough. You need to monitor and optimise your organisation. You need to stay in control. The reports build in Pepperflow offer you the opportunity to stay in control! They will be provide you with the fundamentals for your projects and will keep your stakeholders satisfied. 

Explore our modular solutions

We at Pepperflow have developed a wide range of modules on corporate performance to help your business. Each and every one of these modules can be integrated in order to work together as a whole. With Pepperflow, all relevant data can be monitored in one tool. Pepperflow is the toolbox for your organisation. 

Alongside our Corporate Performance solution, the catalogue of modules include GRC-tooling for information security and privacy management, the Pepperflow E-report tool, time-management tooling, project management and more. Regardless of what you need, the modular build of Pepperflow allows all modules to be integrated together with ease. No longer will you need multiple applications and software packages, saving you valuable time and money. 

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Publish your documents with our E-reporting tool 

With the CPM solution for your organisation, you will remain in control of finances, projects and corporate performance. But how does this information affect the people outside your company? Are there any stakeholders requesting certain pieces of information? Do you want to demonstrate your corporate's social responsibility to local inhabitants? Or are you working for a municipality, trying to outline strategic plans for the upcoming years? 

With the Pepperflow E-reporting tool we will provide you with a platform to demonstrate those relevant documents and data to stakeholders inside or outside your organisation. Whether they are financial documents or strategic plans, you can publish an unlimited number of them with our E-reporting tool. All in your style and layout, with easy navigation and visual appeal. 

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