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How does a demo work?

During a demo, we will give you a tour through our software. We will demonstrate the functionalities, answer questions and simulate several process the applicant wants to see improved. When questions are handed to us beforehand, we will also address those during the presentation. 

Alternatively, we can provide a Proof of Concept, by presenting information that was provided to us in the software and comparing it to the current method used by the applicant. 

Does Pepperflow visit my organization?

Indeed we do! For a presentation, we either come visit your organisation on side, or you can visit our office in Katwijk, the Netherlands. 

What can I expect from the Pepperflow consultants?

Our consultants are skilled, knowledgable individuals that understand their craft and the market you operate in. Besides the technical skills useful for explaining and understanding the software they are motivated to assist you with advice on communication, processes and optimising the software for different stakeholders. 

What kind of organisations use Pepperflow?

The software offered by Pepperflow is suitable for a wide variety of organisations. We are active in various markets, including both private, governmental and healthcare.  We will gladly provide you with references. Contact us!

How does an implementation work?

Een implementatietraject wordt opgedeeld in verschillende implementatiefase. Verder wordt deze gestuwd door onze implementatiestrategie ontleend aan veranderingsdeskundige John. F. Kotter en zijn 8 principes om een implementatie van een nieuw systeem succesvol te doen slagen.

The implementation has a clear, structured approach, starting with a kick-off and is then followed by software migration, digitalising your business' work structure, training your team members and aftercare. All key-users will be trained by us to be able to use the software to full extent. 

As a strategic baseline for implementing the software, we use the 8-step change method, created by John F. Kotter. This guidelines provided the best possible chance for a successful implementation.   

What services does Pepperflow offer after the implementation is finished?

After the implementation is finished, we start with aftercare. During this phase, we will be keeping in touch with your organisation, making sure that all parties involved are satisfied. 

Besides the Pepperflow consultant, our accountmanager will keep track of progress and inform you of new possibilities and answer questions may they arise. 

You will also gain acces to our digital info centre providing manuals, (video) instructions and updates on the latest features added to Pepperflow.