E-report - Digital platform for your public documentsE-report - Digital platform for your public documents


Publish your companies' public documents for stakeholders, board of directors or citizens. Easy and transparent.  

The Pepperflow E-reporting tool. The digital platform for your public documents. 

Take the next step, from Corporate Performance to a more transparent enclosed way of showcasing important documents to stakeholders outside your business. The Pepperflow e-reporting platform provides you with a dedicated and visually appealing platform to publish important documents. 

Pictures, graphs en videos make your corporate documents visually appealing. Get rid of all those old, dusty documents. Present your corporate documents online. This makes them easier to read as well. 

If you want to share your documents to social media straight away, you can do so. One click is all you need to present your document (or parts of it!) on Facebook or Twitter, keeping stakeholders interested and up to date. 

Key information takes the spotlight. How? Why? What? Through the E-reporting platform, those answers are easy to find. The easy navigational structure helps you scanning documents for the information that applies to you. 

It doesn't matter whether you visit Pepperflow or the e-reporting tool by phone, tablet or laptop. Always have access to your documents, regardless of where you are. 

And you don't need to install anything. Both Pepperflow and our E-reporting platform are completely cloud based!

With the E-reporting platform, you decide which documents you need published. 

And nope, you don't have to pay for each individual document. The Pepperflow E-reporting platform has no limits in regards to the amount of documents you may publish. 

Creating and publishing documents through Pepperflow makes things easier and helps creating a direct link between several aspects of your business' processes. 

The Pepperflow E-reporting platform is especially nifty for governmental organisations or city hall. By publishing important plans and documents, you can keep citizens informed and involve them in policy making. This makes writing these documents not just a mandatory exercise, but actually provides people with relevant and interesting information. 

Through a variety of filters, citizens can easily scan documents for the information that they need. This makes them able to see what is happening in their direct neighbourhood. 

Just one push of a button is all you need to publish your documents, partially or as a whole. Something wrong with the document? Adjust it yourself and simply publish it again. 

Online platform

All your documents, easy and transparent. Available on the E-reporting platform of your organisation.

How does this all look? See a demo example below: 

Transparent to stakeholders

Most annual documents you publish aren't just a destination. They are the kick-off for a new period of work. The Pepperflow e-reporting tool allows you to clearly and transparently publish important documents so parties like supervisors or the board of directors to monitor the implementation. 

And if you are in City Hall, you allow civilians to use the platform to get a feel for important projects that will inevitably affect them. No longer do they have to request a hard-copy, they can easily digest health care plans of budget plans at home. This helps them stay informed and connected to your efforts! 

    One platform, all documents

    Some annual documents take a lot of time to create. The CPM module by Pepperflow aids in working together with co-workers and making the process of creating those document much smoother. 

    The E-reporting tool by Pepperflow is suitable for a wide array of corporate documents. Financial documents, monthly reports, stakeholder reports, reference documents and so on, can all be published with the ideal look and feel, suiting your organisation.