Pepperflow is een web-based GRC-tool die organisaties in staat stelt informatieveiligheid te borgen in een PDCA-cyclus.Pepperflow is een web-based GRC-tool die organisaties in staat stelt informatieveiligheid te borgen in een PDCA-cyclus.


Manage information, data and privacy with the Pepperflow GRC-tooling


The Pepperflow GRC module assures you that compliance is integrated in your everyday control processes. It delivers continuous insight into the status of your desired frameworks and controls.

Our unique PDCA-workflow module ensures that alerts are sent automatically when risks occur or to implement preventive measures. No more email or excel to manage all your actions in a cumbersome way.

Pepperflow manages al kind of frameworks. From internationally applicable frameworks (f.g. ISO) to nationally applicable frameworks. Both in the field of information security, health, technical safety, etc.

We deliver full PDCA-support (Plan-Do-Check Act), Governance, Risk Management and Compliance and more like:

  • Central overview of all tasks.
  • DPIA support for risks and measure selection based on privacy-sensitive data.
  • Dashboards for insight into compliance of frameworks
  • Controls on measures can be carried out (workflow-driven) and followed up by improvement activities.
  • Reporting (Risk analysis, Audits performed, Compliancy (statement of applicability, management review)
  • Customization of document templates
  • Audit trail - Insight into who, what, where and when with regard to data that has been added / modified / deleted.

Work with real-time data, ensure insight in activities and responsibilities, manage risks and work towards your everyday goals. All digitally with your colleagues in one tool. Pepperflow helps you take control of GRC. 



Pepperflow contains a unique pdca cycle

  • In no time at all you can determine what you want to receive an update about. A series of projects? Budgets? An explanation of charts? A contribution to a budget? All fields can be requested!
  • The user-friendliness of this module removes the resistance of employees to report progress on their activities.
  • All contributions are archived so that you can quickly and easily look back at previously given updates.
  • The given updates are automatically processed in your report


E-forms give you all the freedom to set up things you want to keep in control: projects, risks, customers, permits. You decide which fields you have left:

  • description
  • data fields
  • numeric fields
  • calculated values


    Pepperflow offers you the possibility to report all your data in Word, Excel or Pdf. But also in a digital beautifully designed version.

    With a push of a button!


    Aim for business excellence 

    Pepperflow helps you with mapping all risks, data and processes in order to reach your goals. With Pepperflow business excellence is within reach.