Pepperflow is een web-based GRC-tool die organisaties in staat stelt informatieveiligheid te borgen in een PDCA-cyclus.Pepperflow is een web-based GRC-tool die organisaties in staat stelt informatieveiligheid te borgen in een PDCA-cyclus.

Project Portfolio Management  (PPM)

Manage your projects digitally with the PPM module by Pepperflow

At the core of every project, large or small, ideally lies a strong idea, a thorough process, a strict planning and a clear deadline. All those steps help you in order to stay in control. 

Project management however, is often regarded as a difficult, tedious process. Or is it? We don't think so!

We believe managing projects isn't complex at all. And that doesn't mean the overall quality has to falter as a result.

So how do you do this? With the PPM module, by Pepperflow. 

With the Pepperflow PPM module your organisations is ready to take project management to the next level. Manage projects digitally in order to stay in control of the follow-up. Thanks to Pepperflow you gain clear insight in aspects like money, time spend and quality. 


Connect strategy with your daily work

With the PPM module from Pepperflow, you not only gain a better insight into your projects, but you also lay the foundation for an integrated approach to strategic decisions and steering towards results.

With Pepperflow you translate your vision into concrete actions for the long and short term, with which you work concretely to achieve objectives.

  • Connection between ambitions, goals, implementation and follow-up
  • Smart, clear reports provide insight into your projects
  • In combination with the CPM module, it is better than ever to make the transition from policy and management to concrete actions and measures.

Every project needs its own way of managing. Master data (project name and -number, description, stakeholders etc.) and scope (what is it that you want to achieve) can always be stored. But of course, Pepperflow can do more and also has the following features:

  • Budget (needed budget including possibility to re-allocate)
  • Resources (people management)
  • Time (start and end date, also deadlines including explanation)
  • Risks (management of risks)

Budgets in projects

The budget module from Pepperflow is an integrated part of the PPM module. It contains all necessities for working with projects on a financial solid base:

  • Pepperflow FlexConnector (API) integrates data from all kind of financial systems
  • The budget module offers the opportunity to budget, allocate and re-allocate the financial resources
  • The forecasting module helps you work with scenario’s
  • Budgets break down from a portfolio to programmes to projects; per year and in total
  • It is also possible to break down from cost centres into cost category and even into bookings
  • Budget changes are made possible in a controlled way
  • Furthermore, Pepperflow makes it possible to calculate with financial liabilities, financial investments, investment schedules and balance sheets

    Connect projects to your business' strategy. Stay in control. Keep track of risks and strengthen the overall strategic proces in your organisation.  One step beyond ambition: clear results!


    Strategic management

    Making a report is not enough. You need to monitor and optimize your organization. You need to stay in control. In your report you describe where your organization wants to go. What you are going to do to get there. And what it will cost.  In other words: you described your strategy.

    The next step is to monitor the execution on a sound and objective basis. That is where the PPM module comes into view. 


        Risk management

        No project is without risks. With Pepperflow's Project Portfolio Management (PPM) module, you not only get clear insight into the projects themselves, but also into all the risks you need to take into account that affect the impact. In Pepperflow, you register the probability of risks, the impact and which measures have been devised or can be implemented. With good risk management you can monitor your projects and progress even more accurately.